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My First "Intro to Yoga" Workshop a Success!

Yesterday afternoon, I taught my first "Introduction to Yoga" workshop at The Yoga Effect in Grayslake. I had 7 lovely ladies join me for 3 hours, to learn a bit about the practice of yoga.

I've been teaching yoga for nearly 5 years now -- and I have been teaching somewhere between one and three (usually two) Yoga Basics classes each week during that nearly 5 years.

Often, folks new to yoga will come to my Basics classes, having never been to a yoga class before. They may feel intimidated, unsure, and a bit lost and confused. I hope that I am able to reassure them, and make them feel welcome and at home in my classes.

Even more often, I'm sure, there are folks out there that have never been to a yoga class before, and would like to come to a Basics class -- but they are perhaps even more intimidated, unsure, and maybe more than a bit lost and confused. And, because of that, they may never actually come to a yoga class.

This workshop was meant for all of those folks -- all of those yogis-to-be -- and then some!

I felt that after teaching Yoga Basics for a few years, I had some insight into the "beginner's mind" -- and I had a lot that I wanted to share with these beginners. Three hours was barely enough time, and the time flew for me -- but an even longer workshop might have been too much for some.

It seemed to me that the workshop went well, and that the participants learned and enjoyed their time. I am hoping to offer this workshop again at The Yoga Effect, and maybe elsewhere. If you missed it this time, but think you (or someone you know) might want to attend next time -- stay tuned to my Essential Journey Yoga Facebook page for future "events" posts!

May you be well.

May you be peaceful and at ease.

May you be happy.


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