Herbs are some of the easiest and most useful plants to grow – in your home garden and/or in containers on your patio, balcony, or window sill – and they can add both flavor and fun to the foods you prepare in your kitchen. 


Contact me to schedule an herbally-focused workshop, designed to expand your herbal sense (and scents!).  Learn some of the basics, so that you can grow and enjoy a variety of herbs in your garden, and then carry that enjoyment into your home!

Selected herbs are also available for sale seasonally. Contact me for selection and cost.


"Herbs offer a rewarding combination of beauty and usefulness, and for those who have never felt the urge to grow plants, this benevolent and generous range is the perfect introduction to gardening. A small amount of effort is soon rewarded by aromatic silver and green foliage, scented decorative flowers, savory leaves and spicy seeds.


Herbs can be tucked into existing flower borders, vegetable beds or decorative pots. As adaptable plants, many will grow happily on a balcony or patio, or even indoors. When more space is available, a separate area set aside for herbs often becomes a special place for peace and enchantment."


                    from The Complete Book of Herbs (L. Bremness)

Essential Journey Yoga offers classes and workshops  on yoga, herbs, and essential oils --   for kids, adults and seniors.

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