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Welcome Spring!

Last October, in the midst of the autumn months, I partipated in a 6-day yoga teacher training workshop taught by Baxter Bell and Melina Meza. Baxter had a new book coming out, which I already knew about and had already pre-ordered. But I learned that Melina, too, was an author -- of not one, not two, but of three books on yoga. I loved Melina's teaching style, and I've long been a bookaholic -- so, of course, I purchased all three!

Melina's second book, "The Art of Sequencing: Seasonal Vinyasa" (2011), called to me the other day, as our weather warmed and as I prepare to welcome spring once again. I invite you to savor her words, and carry them with you, as the tulips and the daffodils return to grow and bloom. Welcome spring!

"Within the art and science of yoga are endless ways to rediscover the body's innate wisdom and the inherent joy and healthfulness of living in balance from season to season. This awareness offers each person the ability to truly understand that what is occurring out there is also occurring within each of us. We are not separate from Nature; you are Nature. I believe now, more than ever, it's important if not imperative, for our healing, to reconnect to Nature in as many ways as possible. There is something inherently beautiful about bringing awareness to the rhythms of the day (sunrise, sunset), to the moon cycles (waxing and waning), to the seasonal changes (spring, summer, fall winter), and to the various life phases (student, householder, retirement, and renunciation), and about appreciating how dynamic life is, remembering not to take any of it for granted" (p. 7).

"Spring is the most dynamic, energetic, and creative time of the year. Nature wakes up from her resting phase full of vitality, which she uses to manifest her creative vision after a long sleep. With sufficient rest in the wintertime, you too, should feel the “spring fever" or “pulse" that pushes you to stretch or to be physical, cleanse, start creative projects, or sow new seeds and intentions that will broaden your horizon in the near future. Spring is also called the morning of the year and is considered the most fertile time to give birth to new life and ideas" (p. 41).

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