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My Aroma Yoga® Certification is Complete!

For the past several years, I’ve been offering workshops that combine gentle yoga with Young Living essential oils – two of my favorite ways to nourish and heal mind, body, and soul! In addition to these workshops, I also often share an essential oil in my weekly yoga classes, if there’s an oil that seems to complement my theme for that particular week. Yoga and oils complement each other in subtle and beautiful ways, and weaving the two together in a class or a workshop has always felt like a natural fit for me.

I’ve also long been fascinated by the chakras – the seven main energy centers of the body – and while I’ve been intending to incorporate the chakras into my yoga and oils teaching, I didn’t feel that I knew enough about them yet to confidently and accurately teach about them. I attended some workshops, I bought some books and did some reading, I explored balancing my own chakras – but still, I hesitated.

This summer, I participated in an Aroma Yoga® teacher training, recently completing the training and becoming a certified Aroma Yoga® instructor. Aroma Yoga® is a program that blends together yoga, Young Living essential oils, the chakras, and a variety of energy exercises based on Polarity Therapy. If you’ve never experienced an Aroma Yoga® class, you’ll likely find it to be a bit different than other yoga classes or workshops that you’ve attended. I love working with and weaving together this unique combination of healing modalities.

With my teacher certification now completed, my first introductory Aroma Yoga® workshop has been scheduled! If you’re interested in experiencing Aroma Yoga® for yourself, I invite you to join me on Saturday, October 14th (9:00-11:00 a.m.) at Wild Lavender Acupuncture Clinic in Vernon Hills!

See flyer for details…

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