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The Story of a Website

Once upon a time, in the yoga, herbs, and essential oils life of Sharon...

It was late winter of 2016, when my Essential Journey Yoga (EJY) business logo was finalized (hugs and Namaste to Beth Zwolski Tobias for her creative genius!

Shortly after, I created the EJY Facebook page -- and then, with some initial guidance from Beth, I worked to design and launch the EJY website in early spring.

I invited Facebook friends to visit the website and to offer feedback, and after I received some insightful feedback from several friends (hugs and Namaste to all that offered feedback, but especially to Nan Huffman, who went well above and beyond!), I worked to make some revisions during the weeks that followed.

Now it's late summer 2016, and I've recently experienced my first real yoga photo shoot (hugs and Namaste to Cecilia Austin for capturing my yoga essence with her camera and her trained photographer's eye!

After receiving the photos from Cecilia early this week (hugs and Namaste to each of you for all the "likes" and wonderful comments on the yoga photos I've shared on FB so far!), I spent much of this past week working on the EJY website once again -- incorporating several of these new photos and making some additional major and minor website revisions.

So, while it's still a work in progress (as every website should be!), I'm quite pleased and proud of how it has evolved, and of how it looks and reads in its present incarnation. I cordially invite you to take a moment to visit the Essential Journey Yoga website (, explore its pages, and share your thoughts with me!

And, if you've not yet "liked" the Essential Journey Yoga Facebook page, please consider this another invitation to do just that! Invite your friends, too!

Hugs and Namaste!


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