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In Front of the Camera...

This past Sunday afternoon, the very talented Cecilia Austin attempted to capture my yoga essence with her camera and her trained photographer's eye.

It was a beautiful summer afternoon -- we could not have asked for more perfect weather! Somewhat sadly, my yoga poses were partially hampered by an injury to my ribs, which I sustained the previous weekend. There were some poses that I chose not to attempt, and others that were a bit uncomfortable to hold -- but we forged ahead nonetheless.

As a confirmed introvert, I'm uncomfortable posing in front of a camera. Candid shots are generally not a problem -- but asking me to hold a pose, smile a certain way, look more to the left or right? How do models do that for hours on end, day after day?

But Cecilia was able to put me at relative ease -- and she did capture some wonderful images, some of which I'll be adding to my website and Facebook page.

To explore more of Cecilia's amazing work, visit

Namaste, Cecilia!


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